Prep your day or week

You are able to Pre-Order online for next day or come inside the store to grab meals from our cooler that we stock every single day.

-Order online minimum purchase is $40
-If you wish to order just 1 or 2 meals we recommend coming to the store
-Pick the quantity of meals you want
-Reheat for 90 seconds
-Enjoy the food
-Enjoy no clean up
-Meals are good up to the best by date on the package
-You may freeze the meals for up to 30 days

Our Operation
-We operate different from a normal restaurant
-As you order online you will notice pickup or delivery the next day
-This allows us time to Meal Prep your food for you

We make our meals everyday onsite using wholesome fresh ingredients that are all portioned controlled. This allows you the consumer to eat the right amount of food to feel energized throughout your day without feeling an energy crash. We want the highest quality of food fueling your lifestyle.
Whether you are just looking for convenience, healthy food, dietary need, or a health / weight loss goal. We are here to help!

How It Works

food prep containers
1. Come In & Pick Your Meals
microwave and carryout bage
2. Eat In or Take Out
prepared meals
3. Heat Up & Enjoy Fresh, Fit Meals